After a wildly successful pop-up shop in Los Angeles in 2015, Tropicalia in Furs is now a nomadic record store.

Produced in partnership with Dream Box, Joel Stones resurrected his East Village store at Double 6 Studio on the weekend of April 16th, recreating the surroundings of the original along with its infamous psychedelic decor, live music, art, dancing, performances and thousands of rare records.

About  Tropicalia in Furs

Tropicalia in Furs' adventure began in a flooded basement on the Bowery in 2001. There, Joel Stones, one of the greatest international record dealers of our time, created a unique new environment for record dealing: “Buy, Sell, Barter, Chit-Chat.” Fiercely embodying the name and the philosophy behind it, the store thrived in various locations across the city, including Joel’s own apartment, before it landed at its historic East Village location on 5th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues in 2006. The store then began to make history by hosting live music, art shows and dance parties.

The alluring world Joel created at the East Village location saw the birth of Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas, a compilation that, according to LA-based independent music label Stones Throw Records, “should serve as a master class for those entranced by the funky, heavy psychedelic wonders of the Tropicalia movement and all that it spawned”.

As soon as visitors stepped into the store, walking through the tiny turquoise door and along the extensive and narrow orange room lined with turquoise bins, they felt as if they had entered a different world. Record covers adorned the walls, alternating themes between surreal cats, fascinating eyes, known and unknown superheroes, bizarre creatures, Tim Maia, Joel’s mom’s colorful paintings, Ed Wood’s Plan 9 from Outer Space and Zé do Caixão movies on the TV and a feather-boa-wrapped mannequin. These all led to Joel.

Standing at the counter behind a stack of records with a glass of wine in his hand, Joel would make everyone feel at home, telling never-ending stories with a smile on his face underneath one of his hundred pairs of sunglasses.

The vibe at Tropicalia in Furs was always fun, always happy, always welcoming and always an adventure. Visitors would arrive in the afternoon when the store opened and stay until sunrise. For those who were there and fortunate enough to enjoy those special moments, it felt like no time had passed at all and there was an acceptance that they were listening to something that had never been heard before.

Although this original incarnation of Tropicalia in Furs closed its doors in early 2013, the true spirit of the store lives on and accompanies Joel wherever he appears..