TOGETHER(E) is a multi-faceted project that brought the work of the artist Verena Smit to New York, seeking to introduce the artist to the public in the physical realm while stimulating public discourse. Designed in a trilogy model that aimed at presenting Smit’s works in public and private spaces, the project unfolded into three artistic initiatives: 1. art residency, 2. urban intervention, and 3. exhibition.

Project Launch @ The Standard

The Standard hosted a dinner for TOGETHER(E) to be presented to special guests prior to the artistic initiatives that configured the project. Its creative process and structure were unveiled by Smit and Juliana Leandra, co-creator and curator of TOGETHER(E). Guests included Brazil’s Deputy Consul General and representatives of media outlets such as Globo, Marie Claire, and Vogue.

Initiative 1: Art Residency @ AnnexB

AnnexB hosted Verena Smit in their studio located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, in October of 2018. The residency collaborated in the project by providing the artist with the necessary support for artwork production and assistance in mapping the city of NY for the urban interventions. During the residency period, the artist created an exclusive series of words for TOGETHER(E), as well as the artworks presented in the exhibition.

Initiative 2: Urban Interventions @ NYC

Taking the streets of NY as a place to host and integrate the art that Smit has digitally spread to audiences in a worldwide scale through social media, the urban interventions presented the city’s passers-by with three works that anonymously instigated reflections on feelings and emotions that evoke collective consciousness:

1. Posters and murals. Smit produced a series of words exclusively for TOGETHER(E). These words were printed and modified by Smit in posters that were spread throughout the city. By crossing out a letter and adding a new one with a marker, she gave the words a new meaning. After being displayed in the walls of the city, the posters took part in the exhibition that showed the artist’s tridimensional works. A mural with the sentence “All We Need Is More” was painted in the neighborhood of Bushwick.




2. Manifesto letter. Smit wrote a manifesto inspired by a Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s letter. The manifesto was reproduced in numerous copies and placed inside newspapers boxes between the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan, tracing the way from AnnexB to the art gallery that hosted the exhibition in Tribeca. One newspaper box that the artist integrated into the exhibition made its way back to streets and is currently placed on the corner of Wyckoff Avenue and Starr Street in Bushwick.

3. Sickness bags “FOR (E)MOTION SICKNESS.” Sickness bags with Smit’s sentence “FOR (E)MOTION SICKNESS” typewritten in them were placed inside pamphlet holders in the NYC Ferry facilities.

Initiative 3: Exhibition

The exhibition introduced Smit’s tridimensional works, transforming the gallery into a space in which to reimagine Smit’s more notable work- the words she modifies, through their insertion in structures of different shapes and materials. Language, in the form of poems, sentences or single words, unfolded an increasingly dynamic interplay between two and tridimensional works. The works are for the most part small in scale and minimalist in form, yet they portray the artist’s poetic gesture, which remains the core of her practice.

On view: November 1st through November 10th, 2018 | Opening Reception: November 1st, 6pm - 9pm

Location: 72 Warren St, New York, NY 10007 | Curator: Juliana Leandra

TOGETHER(E) is co-created and produced by AnnexB,  c__m___l and Dream Box Lab with the support of The Standard.

Verena Smit

To start, to erase, to re-think. Verena Smit is a visual artist based in São Paulo, Brazil. Her work blooms in delicate and poetic images, sometimes showing the ugly to reveal beauty in a very meaningful universe where sincere irony prevails. Graduated with a degree in Cinema in São Paulo in 2005, she continued her studies in 2011 and graduated from the International Center of Photography in NY. Since then, she has used photography as a starting point to her interdisciplinary artistic practice. Smit collaborated several times with international publications such as Marie Claire, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. In 2014, she started to use a typewriter as a tool for the creation of the extensive series of words she modifies. These words, when posted on her digital platforms, are reposted and propagated in massive numbers around the world. In 2015, her work was discovered by Gucci’s Italian designer Alessandro Michele and since then she has been invited to collaborate with the brand in several digital projects. She has also developed artistic commissions for Pandora, Adidas, Melissa and Brazilian fashion brands Forum and Amaro. In 2016, she was spotlighted by Vogue Brazil as the new name to keep on the radar in Brazilian arts and in 2017 she was invited to have her own column in the Brazilian InStyle magazine, where she was stimulated to create powerful and feminist images of Brazilian celebrated women. She has two books published, “Lovely” by Schoeler Edition, an art book publisher, and “Eu Você” by Editora Paralela, a label of Cia das Letras, Brazil’s largest publisher. Her work has been exhibited in São Paulo, Lisbon, and New York.

AnnexB focuses on the promotion of Brazilian art in New York by bringing artists, curators, art professionals and organizations together to foster a diverse art community in the city, in addition to a more equitable and inclusive art scene. Our mission is carried out through our three pillars: art residency, public programs, and public art.

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