Subject Matters I was a pop-up photo exhibition presented in Greenpoint’s Double 6 Studio over the weekend of November 14–15, 2015.

The first one in a series that presents a group of six photographers who each communicate distinct perspectives, aesthetics and themes in their work, Subject Matters I featured works by Anderson Zaca, Chris Kennedy, Christelle de Castro, Rafael Di Celio, Renata Chebel and Xavier Aaronson.

Working in different fields of photography, each photographer was novel to each other. Among the various motifs embedded in all bodies of work, one common element existed in each of them: subject matter. When asked to submit their work, each photographer was asked to answer one question: “Why subject matters?” 

The photographers’ answers came back in both verbal and visual expressions. Subject Matters I showcased photographs that translate the unique way that each artist approached their subject matter. A limited edition of zines featuring the artists’ photographs and answers to the question “Why subject matters?” was distributed at the studio during the weekend of the exhibition. 

To buy the zine, click here.

Subject Matters I was curated by Juliana Leandra, produced by Juliana Moura and art directed by Paulo Sabatini.