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Maíra Senise is a multimedia artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Before leaving Brazil, she worked as a fashion designer while simultaneously developing her own personal artwork, working mostly with oil paint and ceramics. In 2015, she moved in Brooklyn, NY, where she continued to produce a body of work building off of the paintings and sculptures she created in Brazil. Senise is currently working on pieces that portray strange and mysterious worlds, using universal symbols and figures of hybrid beings. Senise has participated in group exhibitions between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and has had a solo exhibition at Casamata, an art gallery that promotes emerging artists in Rio de Janeiro. Last December she participated in a group show, “Resilience,” at Emma Thomas Gallery in New York. She is represented by the Machete Gallery, located in Mexico and in Argentina. In February, she showed her work in a solo show at Machete’s Gallery in Mexico City. Senise is currently showing a serie of sculptures in the group show “Molde” at the Anita Schwartz Gallery in Rio de Janeiro.