JULIANA LEANDRA graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Film and Media Studies from The New School in New York. As a student of the university acclaimed for its avant-garde curriculum, she was granted a Media Studies Service Award and completed a multidisciplinary research program in Arts, Media and Technology at Parsons Paris School of Art & Design in France.

Upon graduation in 2012, she engaged in building a solid foundation in studies and practice, enrolling in prestigious institutions such as MoMA, Pioneer Works and General Assembly. At the intersection of her academic studies and work, she acquired broad experience in the Arts and Innovation sectors, leading creative projects between Brazil, her home country, and the U.S., where she resides for twelve years.

Using storytelling as her expressive hub, she has contributed as a creative thinker behind campaigns and videos shown on MTV Brazil and The Creators Project website. Other international media companies she has contributed as a writer, producer, editor and content creator are FRANK151, 21st Century Fox and VICE Media.

In 2016, she co-founded Dream Box. In devotion to Culture and Community, she conceptualizes and curates art projects that foster engagement among local and international artists.