Dream Box Lab is pleased to present From the Island of Liri, the first New York solo exhibition by Italian-Brazilian artist Giulia Mangoni. Curated by Juliana Leandra, the exhibition will be on view from July 12th to July 21st, with an opening reception taking place on July 12th at 72 Warren St, New York, NY from 6-9pm. 

This exhibition is a culmination of Mangoni’s reconnection to the topology of her psychological and physical “home culture.” A series of mixed media tableaux play out the entangled narratives perceived upon returning to her birthplace of Isola del Liri, FR, Italy. After living in Brazil, England and New York for more than twenty years, the historic social fabric of this small Italian town solidifies through different modes of layered representation. A daily water balancing performance brings to the surface the everyday act of the folkloric self emerging at the frontier between familiar traditions and everyday contemporary concerns.

Through ten representative panels, Mangoni collages different painterly methods that act like a series of arrivals towards the ancestral codes that connect her to this place. Starting with an acrylic layer of panoramas that show romanticized traditional figures and landscapes of this region, a background is created and yields space for the overlaying of smaller fragments. 

Interfering with the panoramas are oil on linen cutouts of baroque-inspired gardens that relate to the aristocratic picturesque tradition implemented in the area between Rome and Naples. As an extension of this act of covering, leaf-like canvas cutouts join and energize parts of the flat surfaces with samples of pigments made from the land itself. Altogether, these elements suggest the slow disintegration of aristocratic rule, which the artist descends from, and its dominant voice that has gripped the historical narration of the town for more than four hundred years.

On the foreground, small paintings with transcriptions of objects belonging to a feudal great-grandmother further plunges the original landscape and figures into a state of dissipation. These are accompanied by silk tableware napkins dyed in locally made ink made from gall nuts foraged in the mountainous outskirts of Isola del Liri in order to offer muted spaces within the composition. In homage to the information that has escaped this archive of impressions, either purposefully hidden or falling beyond the limits of language, these obscuring moments hold a space for the often ignored gaps in communal history and collective memory. 

A performance occurs daily at 7pm with Mangoni’s attempt to inhabit and reconstruct the character of the pagan Water Nymph Marica through a contemporary perspective. The artist follows an ongoing collective resuscitation of the town’s ancient river protector who was erased by Roman and later Catholic interventions in the early middle ages. The performance is rooted in this movement of envisioning empowered futures by connecting to the deep histories of this rural, ex-industrial and medieval island.

Giulia Mangoni is an Italian-Brazilian artist questioning the modes of linear narration in favor of more complex and fluid systems. By creating interventions orchestrated through the lens of painting, she is interested in deconstructing notions of memory and identity. Born in 1991 in Isola del Liri, FR, where she now lives, she was raised between Italy, Brazil and England. Mangoni has a Foundation Degree in Art & Design from Falmouth University of the Arts (2011) and a Painting BA (Hons) from City & Guilds of London Art School (2014), where she was awarded the Skinner Connard’s Travel Prize and the Chadwick Healey Prize for Painting. Since then, she has participated in numerous exhibitions of which the most recent are Arte/Musica/Natura, a group show at the Botanical Garden of Rome, Indigestible Feast, an interdisciplinary installation at Satellite Art Fair Miami and a solo show in Rio de Janeiro titled Telas, Panos e Papéis. She is currently a candidate of the SVA Art Practice MFA program in New York City sharing her time between Brazil, Italy and England.

On View: July 13th to July 20th, 12-8pm Opening Reception: July 12th, 6-9pm

72 Warren Street New York, NY 10007

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