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Belinda Téllez is a self-taught fine art photographer and art director from Venezuela. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Literature and took a post-graduate course in Creativity and Storytelling. As a child, she lived immersed in the world of words, reading from Lewis Carroll to Pessoa and Borges. She always thought she would become a writer but destiny (which is known to have more imagination than anyone) turned her into a photographer. Her transition from the world of words to the world of images was like that of moving to another house, but taking all the furniture along with you. Since 2012, her instrument to tell fantasies has been her camera rather than her pencils. Her canvas: the social networks, where she is known by her heteronym Belilabelle. Her work has been reviewed in several photography and visual arts websites, as well as exposed in collective art exhibitions in Caracas (Centro Cultural Chacao), Buenos Aires (Norte al Sur CCEBA) and San Francisco (Instagram’s Gallery in Facebook Headquarters).